TIED IN KNOTS – A Must-Have Guide to Untangling USB Extension Options for PC Based Automation

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Stop Your USB Devices From Being Shackled to a PC Like the Pretty Boy on a Chain Gang (He Can’t Wait to Get Free!)

Most people believe USB connections are constrained to 5 meters from the PC. In PC based automation projects they toil with PC and device placement.

It’s never been easier to free yourself from this restriction.

Instantly Free Yourself from USB Connection Hell!

Tied In Knots USB Extension Guide

By downloading this free guide you’ll instantly grow your USB toolbox to include multiple methods of extending USB connections and put yourself head and shoulders above the competition.

It took over two weeks to research and compile this guide. The methods described include wired and wireless solutions: wired hubs, active cables, CAT5, Ethernet, WiFi (802.11g), wireless USB (WUSB), fiber optics and more. In addition to stretching USB connections, many of these solutions also provide electrical isolation. Every method is picked apart, analyzed and compared. You’ll learn the pros and cons of each.

You Won’t Find a More Power Packed Comparison of USB Extension Options

In addition to the guide, you also get a cheat sheet that compresses the 5 page guide into a single, easy to use, reference. Quickly see and easily choose the solution that fits your needs the best.

Not only do you get the guide and cheat sheet, but you’ll also learn where to find a web page with links to every option mentioned in the Guide. This will no doubt save you time when trying to locate these extension devices.

How do I Get It?

Getting your hands on this information is simple, fast and free. All you have to do is complete the form below and you will instantly receive the guide and cheat sheet via email.

I guarantee you will be surprised by the number of options.

Don’t wait, get started untangling your USB connections now!


“TIED IN KNOTS – A Must-Have Guide to Untangling USB Extension Options for PC Based Automation”

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