Osprey NXT Bundle

Osprey NXT Bundle

Advanced Industrial Vehicle Headlamp Aiming and Testing System

The Osprey NXT is the entry level Osprey headlamp aimer. It contains a single standard definition camera with a narrower field of view than the SC or the WT models.



About the Osprey Series

The Osprey Series is our line of robust and versatile industrial headlamp aimers utilizing advanced software and hardware. The Osprey Series comes with IntelliAim software and Expert I/O hardware, giving it access to several powerful built-in aim algorithms, and enabling it to interface to a variety of external components such as PLCs and screwdrivers.

Features of the Osprey NXT

  • IntelliAim software
  • Vast array of alignment types
  • Data logging
  • Precise screwdriver control
  • External camera support for inspecting secondary lamps
  • NXT aim head
  • Lens Protector
  • Expert I/O 1000 or Expert I/O 300 + 500 pair
  • Mini Tower PC
  • Wireless keyboard/mouse combo
  • Computer monitor