Osprey Lamp Inspector Released!

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Now available is our Osprey LI. The Lamp Inspector can handle every non aiming task offered inside our flagship IntelliAim software, at a fraction of the cost. The Osprey Lamp Inspector is perfect for testing animations, flicker, color analysis, intensity verification, and many more tasks. Testing secondary lighting such as DRL and turn signals, rear lamps, board level LEDs and accent lighting are just a few of the applications.

Osprey LI comes with our Lamp Inspector software, camera, PC with monitor and keyboard, and our Expert I/O 1000. It’s capable of handling as many cameras that you might need. Communication through LIN, Modbus TCP, CAN and digital I/O are easily done. If you need to test current or temperature, you can add transducers and sensors as well.

Lamp Inspector intelligent validation software is the control center of the Osprey LI. The main window clearly shows the status of the script along with a large image that provides maximum clarity to the operator. Lamp Inspector also controls the cycle and has numerous configuration options, such as photo point thresholds, pattern matching certainty, photo area color thresholds and many more. Animation has become more and more a common feature with lighting, but testing was difficult until now. Osprey LI can detect proper sequence, timing, and additional tests to meet your requirements. You can also test LEDs at the board level directly on the pcb.

Osprey LI can be used in many different applications. Not only does it do a great job with testing automotive lighting, it works great in commercial and residential lighting applications as well. Lamp Inspector software has many robust features that allow for a vast array of testing and communication controls while meeting fast paced cycle times.

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