Osprey Lamp Controller Released!

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The Osprey LC is a robust and versatile industrial controller system utilizing advanced software and hardware. It incorporates the same user interface that you are used to in IntelliAim with a focus on controlling vehicle lighting.

The System

Osprey LC® consists of a PC running the latest Microsoft Windows operating system, CAN or LIN module, and a wireless keyboard with built-in mouse control.

Lamp Controller Control Software

Lamp Controller intelligent software is the control center of the Osprey Lamp Controller systems. The Tasks pane clearly shows the available tasks that can be arbitrarily added and arranged in the Script pane for optimum control. The script can be configured to control the flow of the process in conjunction with the machine. Using the powerful scriptable CAN, LIN and Modbus TCP interface, it’s a breeze to implement even the most complex processes. For those lamps that require it, all profiles of Autosar E2E are supported for CAN communications, with configuration options for each.

The Best Choice

With its many features, the Osprey LC® is the ideal choice for all your lamp control needs. It can be used to communicate with your lamps on manufacturing assembly lines, engineering labs, and is also a great tool for quality control departments.