Osprey HS10 Release: IIHS, Accuracy, and Speed

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Dajac, Inc, a leader in lighting alignment and validation, today announced the release of their Osprey HS10. Based on their flagship software IntelliAim, the new Osprey HS10 has added more features including IIHS scoring for every lamp. The system is a 10m tunnel containing a high resolution, low noise, lab grade photometric camera, along with the Expert I/O to interface with external devices (such as PLCs, sensors, etc.) and a wireless keyboard and mouse. The Osprey HS10 is perfect for projects requiring IIHS testing and more accuracy while meeting the fast cycle times of manufacturing. Read complete details at www.dajac.com.

IntelliAim validation software is the control center of the Osprey HS10. Running on a PC with the latest
Microsoft Windows operating system. The main window clearly shows the status of the script along with a large image that provides maximum clarity to the operator. IntelliAim also controls the cycle and has numerous configuration and testing options, such as cutoff sharpness, photo area thresholds, IIHS ratings and scores, screwdriver controls for alignment and more.

The Osprey HS10 is a great addition to your light testing equipment. Dajac has done the work, so you can focus on manufacturing and test analysis, rather than spending valuable time on equipment development. Along with Dajac’s first class support and customer service, the Osprey HS10 will be a great asset for your next light
testing project.