Lighting The Way: Box Aim Algorithm

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Do you have a need to align adaptive driving beam (ADB) modules? Do you have a square beam pattern?

Look no further!

IntelliAim now includes an aim type to make aiming a square beam pattern easier than ever. This is commonly required to align relative to individual LED elements.

Join us today, where we light the way for this new feature addition.

The box aim type adds to an already robust list of aim types: hot zone, fractional zone, V/O, V/O plus, and fog. This article assumes you are already familiar with the hot zone algorithm, which is an essential component of box aim. See the Osprey User’s Manual for a complete explanation of the hot zone algorithm.

Box Aim Algorithm

Box Algorithm
Box aim type.

If the beam pattern contains a rectangular shape, the box algorithm can detect different points on the rectangle. Referring to the figure above, the algorithm in its most basic form is as follows:

  1. Perform a hot zone aim to find point F.
  2. Search horizontally and vertically to find edges at B, C, D and E.
  3. Calculate the location of the center (point A).

Any of these detected points (A-E) can be used as the anchor for the aim position. Below, is an example from IntelliAim.

Box aim example in IntelliAim.

The decorations are as follows.

  • A blue dot is drawn at the location of the hot zone.
  • Circles are drawn at each point the edge is detected.
  • A line is drawn at each detected edge.
  • An “x” is drawn at the center.
  • Crosshairs are drawn at the aim point after accounting for user offsets. The crosshairs will be green when inside the aim tolerance and red when outside the aim tolerance.

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