Lighting The Way: Autosar E2E

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How secure are your headlights?

Autosar E2E is a communications protocol in the automotive industry working its way into headlights.

IntelliAim now supports Autosar E2E for use with CAN Bus communications. Our system makes implementing and using Autosar E2E with CAN Bus easy!

Join us today, where we light the way for Autosar E2E.

Autosar E2E

Autosar is a standard communications protocol for devices within vehicles. End to End (E2E) is a security and validation mechanism within Autosar. Several E2E profiles are defined, each with a unique protocol implementation. IntelliAim currently supports E2E for CAN Bus communications and support for E2E LIN Bus communications will be added to  future updates.

Profile Configuration
Profile Configuration

An example of a profile configuration is provided above, where profile 1 is being used. All the properties that need to be defined by the user are displayed under the profile selection. The data ID’s that will use this particular configuration are highlighted in the ‘Data ID’s’ section. Any data ID’s not defined in the Autosar E2E task will be completed without E2E. This allows normal CAN Bus communications to occur in the same script even when using E2E.

The following profiles are currently supported: 1, 1A, 1B, 1C, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, and 22. If there are issues with the configuration, they will be reported in the log pane, greatly simplifying configuration. Our effortless profile configuration makes converting to this communications protocol as easy as turning on a lamp. For more detailed information on Autosar E2E refer to the E2E Protocol Specification from Autosar.

See the Osprey User’s Manual for more information on configuring Autosar E2E with CAN Bus. The Osprey User’s Manual is updated for every new release. Upgrade today!

Today we took an in depth look at the Autosar E2E functionality. Stay tuned for more deep dives into some of the newest IntelliAim features!