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Headlamp Alignment & Validation Systems

Ospreys are robust and versatile industrial headlamp alignment and validation systems utilizing advanced software and hardware. They have several built-in aim types and testing capabilities and can interface to a variety of external components.


The system consists of a PC running the latest Microsoft Windows operating system, an aim head containing a high resolution color camera, an I/O interface to external devices (such as PLCs, sensors, etc.) and a wireless keyboard with built-in mouse control.


With its many features, the Osprey is the ideal choice for all your headlamp alignment and validation needs. It can be used to align lamps on lamp manufacturing assembly lines, as well as vehicle assembly lines. It’s also a great validation tool for quality control departments.


IntelliAim intelligent headlamp alignment and validation software is the control center of the Osprey systems. The main window clearly shows the status of the aim script along with a large beam pattern image that provides maximum clarity to the aim station operator.  IntelliAim also controls the aim cycle and provides a means of configuring and calibrating the Ospreys. There are numerous configuration options, such as photo point color thresholds, aim type parameters, test thresholds and many more.

  • Script Based
  • Simply drag tasks and drop them into the script
  • Effortlessly reorder tasks using drag and drop
  • Click a task in the script and adjust its properties
  • Special script debugging features
  • Audit
  • Aim
  • Photo points
  • Photo areas
  • Pattern match
  • Cutoff linearity
  • Cutoff sharpness
  • Capture area
  • Log results
  • Script flow control
  • And more…

Osprey Models

The Osprey headlamp alignment , validation, and control systems are the perfect solution.  There are five different models available to meet your ever-changing needs.  The Osprey is packed with leading-edge technology and is backed by an industry-leading support team.

Osprey LC Bundle

Advanced Industrial Vehicle Lamp Controller System. The Osprey Lamp Controller consists of a PC running Lamp Controller software coupled with either a CAN or LIN communication module.

Osprey LI Bundle

Advanced Industrial Vehicle Headlamp Testing System. The Osprey Lamp Inspector is using our Lamp Inspector software and a camera to inspect light sources. Multiple cameras can be added for additional testing.

Osprey NXT Bundle

Advanced Industrial Vehicle Headlamp Aiming and Testing System The Osprey NXT is the entry level Osprey headlamp aimer. It contains a single standard definition camera with a narrower field of view than the SC or the WT models.

Osprey SC Bundle

Advanced Industrial Vehicle Headlamp Aiming and Testing System The Osprey SC is the wide Osprey headlamp aimer. It is able to handle headlamps that rotate left/right, and accommodate extemely wide headlamps. It contains an ultra high resolution camera for increased color accuracy.

Osprey WT Bundle

Advanced Industrial Vehicle Headlamp Aiming and Testing System. The Osprey WT is the wide, tall Osprey Series headlamp aimer. It is able to handle large headlamps and headlamps that rotate up/down and left/right. It contains an ultra high resolution camera for increased color accuracy.

Compare Models

Osprey LC
Osprey LI
Osprey NXT
Osprey SC
Osprey WT
IntelliAim Software Control Center – powerful, versatile, accurate, and easy to use
Data Logging
External camera support for inspecting secondary lamps, such as DRLs
Vast array of alignment types
Precise electronic screwdriver control
Ultra high resolution camera
High-speed USB 3.0 camera interface
Inspect large lamps and lamps with motion features, such as adaptive front-lighting systems (AFS)
Up to 16x improvement in color resolution for superior color-sensing capability
Wider field of view
Taller field of view
Locking USB cable
Improved alignment head leveling
Designed for industrial movement stability