IntelliAim v7.6 Released: More Responsive and Swap Screwdriver Controls

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Being more responsive is always a good thing…

The user interface is now more responsive during long camera exposures. We want your workflow to be as efficient as possible and this is another way we are making that happen.

Users now have the ability to swap the x/y screwdriver controls in aim tasks. Previously, this was possible globally, but now the user has the option to control this in the individual aim tasks. This could be very beneficial when processing different lamps that have different adjuster locations. This makes it easier to make the changes in IntelliAim instead of rewiring the machine.

Now the user is able to clear the log pane. If the messages in the log pane get too confusing, then just clear them out!

We have also added periodic messages to the LIN and CAN tasks.

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