IntelliAim v7.2 Released: Dynamic scripting

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Dynamic scripting in IntelliAim 7.2….

This version introduces two new script tasks that help facilitate the creation of dynamic scripts: the Set Symbol task, and the Read Digital Inputs task.

There may be scenarios when script parameters need to be adjusted in real time to accommodate a particular lamp. For instance, some clients may want to periodically test a master lamp using different tolerances than those used for production lamps. Creating a single script that can test both lamps is preferable to having two separate scripts that may get out-of-sync with one another.

IntelliAim scripts can be written to define symbols that can be used in any symbol-capable field with the new Set Symbols task. The value of these symbols can be determined via PLC with the new read multiple digital inputs task that reads multiple inputs and packs the results into a symbol.

Set Symbol Task

The Set Symbol task allows a user to set the value or, or define, a user symbol.

Read Digital Inputs Task

The Read Digital Inputs task allows a user to read an input or a group of inputs as a numeric value. The value is then stored in a symbol so that it can be user to make decisions in the script.

For more information and an example, see the related app note: AN0270801 – Dynamic Script Properties

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