IntelliAim v7.18 Released: Video Clips and Modbus TCP Motion

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Version 7.18 of IntelliAim, the control center for our Osprey headlamp alignment and validation systems, is now available. Two new major features have been added: video clips and Modbus TCP motor control.

Video clips

Video clip functionality has been added in order to validate features that are time dependent, such as animations and flicker. Using this feature, you can capture a segment of video. Once captured, the clip can be fed into any script and will be treated as if the video were being generated, live, by the camera.

A new search mode has been introduced to allow you to search a clip until a particular key frame is found. You can then offset from there for further testing. By utilizing these features, it is possible to verify time-dependent effects. For example, you can verify that each LED in a animation lights up at the appropriate time in the sequence. You can also detect flicker in the light output, and much more.

Modbus TCP Motion Control

In almost all cases, IntelliAim’s standard brush DC motor control works great for aligning the lamp. However, in some instances, it is necessary to have more control over the motors. For example, you may need the motor to rotate exactly 10 turns. With Modbus TCP controlled stepper motors, this is now possible.

A typical application for this feature would be the control of stepper motors to control the lamp’s alignment, however, it can be used with any Modbus TCP controlled device. Perhaps you need to control a slide or piston or other motion device. Furthermore, it can also support an unlimited number of these devices connected simultaneously.

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