IntelliAim v7.17 Released: Autosar E2E and Box Aim

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Version 7.17 of IntelliAim, the control center for our Osprey headlamp alignment and validation systems, is now available. Two new major features have been added: Autosar E2E and Box Aim. Also included are significant improvements to CAN Bus logging and error handling, as well as several other important, but less prominent improvements. Join us today for an overview on these features and how they make your job easier.

Autosar E2E

Autosar E2E Configuration
Autosar E2E Configuration.

Autosar E2E is a communications protocol regularly used in vehicles, that is working its way into the lighting industry. IntelliAim now supports Autosar E2E for CAN messages. All profiles are supported with the ability to make custom variations of each. Multiple profiles and profile variations can be used in a single script. With our intuitive configuration, it makes setting up Autosar E2E as easy as turning on a headlamp. Future updates will add support for Autosar in LIN and other communications channels.

Box Aim Type Algorithm

Box Aim
Box Aim.

IntelliAim now includes a new aiming algorithm that allows for a square beam pattern to be aligned. A common usage of the box algorithm is for registration of Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) modules, where the matrix orientation is important. With Box Aim, a matrix sub-element can be activated and used for aligning the matrix module. Box aim can find any edge of the LED sub-element or its center.

CAN Bus Improvements

IntelliAim now has improved error handling and logging for CAN communications. Additional and more-detailed error messages make pin-pointing CAN issues much easier and the advanced trace log shows an intuitive view of the traffic on the bus.

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