IntelliAim v7.16 Released: Major Improvements

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The last release announcement was version 7.6. Since then, we have been very busy adding new capabilities and making improvements. The current release, v7.16, continues to build on an already rich feature set. Here is a complete list of all the changes introduced since v7.6.

  • CAN communication modules now treated as standard I/O modules and follow the same rules for specifying I/O as the digital, analog and screwdriver I/O.
  • CAN periodic message timing improved to support tighter lamp timing demands.
  • Added receive feature to LIN periodic messages. These periodic messages can now send, receive or both.
  • Completely redesigned the Photo Areas user interface for greater usability.
  • Added property to Photo Points to allow controlling the number of frames to be averaged.
  • Set Symbol task now reports the symbol name and value in the Log Pane.
  • Images are displayed during the auto exposure process.
  • Added Scan Threshold feature to enhance cutoff detection.
  • Added Cutoff Envelope task for validation of cutoff shape and quality.
  • Added support for arbitrary LIN baud rates.
  • Added Acceleration and Speed Floor properties to the screwdriver control.
  • Corrected issue where secondary inspection camera sometimes had stale image.
  • Many issue corrections and stability improvements.

In future articles, we’ll dive deeper into several of these more advanced changes to better describe how you can use them to make your job easier.

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