IntelliAim v7.1 Released: ModBus TCP, CAN bus, LIN bus, and more…

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Communication is key to a good relationship….

Modbus TCP, CAN Bus, and LIN Bus tasks have been added to allow users to connect to specific devices.

Modbus TCP task allows the user to connect to a Modbus device and send an arbitrary number of messages. It currently supports:

Read Coil, Read Discrete In, Read Holding Register, Read Input Register, Write Coil, and Write Holding Register.

CAN Bus and LIN Bus tasks currently supports the following functions:

Send, Receive, PauseMs, PeriodicMsgStart, and PeriodicMsgStop.

All tasks are provided with an easy to use interface for adding commands. Simply insert new function with the ability to drag and drop the function in the correct order.

Kvaser LIN compatibility has also been added as well as, improved Silicon Engines compatibility and new functionality to the expression parser.

If that’s not enough, we have added an If Goto and Script Label tasks. Additionally, more capabilities with the Max Gradient test to the Cutoff Sharpness task

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