IntelliAim v6.2 Released: Faster, Intelligent Aiming

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Announcing the release of IntelliAim v6.2, the smaller, faster aiming engine!


IntelliAim’s frame rates for all cameras has increased by approximately 40%!


IntelliAim’s installation size has decreased by 60%, and its memory footprint has been reduced by 65%.

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2 thoughts on “IntelliAim v6.2 Released: Faster, Intelligent Aiming

  1. Hi, I am working in a machine to test fog lamps.

    We have a pc with the intelliaim v6.2.

    We were running the machine for several weeks, but today the software show a message when we send the request of a script.

    After this failure occurred, I have closed the program and restarted the pc, then the pc restarted as normal, but when I tried to run the intelliaim program again the program was not opening completely it just is showing an icon on the task bar, with the option to pin to the task bar or close.

    Can you please help me with this issue.

    Do you think that is mandatory reinstall the software again. In this case how can I get it, due to the pc came to us with the software already installed.


  2. The problem is that the main window is being drawn off-screen. This can happen if IntelliAim is closed when it is minimized.

    IntelliAim must be selected or “highlighted” in the task bar at the bottom of Windows. To bring it back into view, hold down the Windows key and press the left arrow key.

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