Dajac Inc. to Attend Advanced Lighting for Automotive

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Dajac Inc. will be attending the Advanced Lighting for Automotive conference on May 23rd and 24th in Detroit, Michigan. The summit will connect those focused on designing the next generation of automotive lighting systems. We are excited about what we we are going to learn from the conference. It’s also going to be a great opportunity for us to network with industry colleagues and discuss the future of automotive lighting and how aiming plays a big role in that future.

The automotive industry is in a transformational stage in terms of lighting, with several new technologies coming to the forefront which offer improved performance, safety and aesthetics. A largely untouched sector in the US since the mid-eighties, when the government deregulated rectangular and round sealed-beam units, headlamps are set to change.

Now that there is a focus on better quality lighting and technological advances, there is a greater need for lighting alignment and test equipment. Dajac’s Osprey series of headlight alignment systems offers many advanced options to meet the aiming needs of the automotive lighting industry. It’s a great match within quality control, manufacturing, and assembly environments. We have multiple models to fit your individual needs.

Come join us to learn more about advanced lighting, the future of lighting and our great aiming solutions!