About Dajac Inc.

From its humble beginnings at the home of our founder, David Novak, Dajac has been focused on meeting customer’s needs with innovative solutions.
Dajac revolutionized the light testing industry with its first product release, the Osprey.  Powered by Dajac’s IntelliAim software, the Osprey gives the operator unprecedented options for fine tuning testing of intensity, color, and aiming.

The next innovation came in the form of a unique I/O module that allowed users to connect automation directly to a standard PC using a USB connection. The Expert I/O 1000 allows a PC to send and receive signals to and from cameras, sensors, and PLCs as well as control the motors used in the automation of headlamp aiming. It is the beating heart of the Osprey system, and is so innovative that it was awarded the runner up of Golden Mousetrap in 2009 by Design News magazine.

Through the years, Dajac has continued to improve and refine its Osprey and Expert I/O line of products to meet the ever increasing demand for precision and reliability of industrial light testing and automation. Regular updates of the IntelliAim software has allowed Dajac to always be one step ahead of the automotive lighting industry as it continues to move in the direction of more elaborate exterior and interior lighting, including animation, and projection.


Dajac is committed to delivering industry leading products and providing world class support

Dajac was founded in Westfield, IN in June of 2000.
Osprey XT Release
Dajac releases the first of its Osprey series, the XT which added USB functionality allowing it to utilize improved cameras.
Expert I/O 1000 Release
Dajac releases it's in-house developed I/O module utilizing a USB connection to allow PC's to easily interface with and control automation.
Osprey NXT Release
The Osprey NXT added a color camera, making the Osprey system even more versatile.
Osprey NXT Wide Release
Responding to the industries needs, Dajac developed and released the Osprey NXT Wide to accommodate wider headlamps. The NXT Wide version of the Osprey used 3 internal cameras to capture a wider beam pattern than was previously possible.
Osprey SC Release
Dajac releases its most popular design of the Osprey to date. This model switched to a single high resolution camera and included a number of refinements to the system's other hardware.
Osprey WT Release
Dajac releases its Osprey WT to handle larger headlamps commonly found on heavy duty trucks.
Osprey LI Release
The Osprey LI package includes everything needed for non-aiming tests, providing all the powerful tools in the IntelliAim software for color, intensity, etc. at a lower cost point than the full system.
Osprey LC Release
The Osprey LC bundle includes everything needed to control lamps for testing.
New Location
Dajac builds its headquarters located in Sheridan, IN.
Partnership with Arrow Controls
Dajac teams up with Arrow Controls to provide support to its customers in Mexico.
Partnership with SMT Automation
Dajac teams up with SMT Automation to provide support to its customers in Michigan and Ohio.


David Novak


David’s postgraduate focus was in image processing. He has been working in automotive lighting manufacturing alignment and validation for over 25 years. David founded Dajac with the aim of designing useful products to meet his customer’s needs and those values are still the cornerstone of Dajac’s success.

Steve Trent

Director of Sales

As a veteran of the automotive lighting industry, Steve brings to the table his experience and desire to meet our customer’s needs. He is always striving to provide the best solutions backed by the best customer support. If there is a project that you need help with, reach out to Steve and he will be glad to help guide you through the process.

Terri Novak

Operations Manager

Terri has been with Dajac from shortly after its founding and has been an integral part of Dajac’s continued growth as a customer service oriented organization.  She brings an attention to detail and a strong work ethic that has allowed her to shape Dajac’s processes in a way that has resulted in continual improvement of its operations.
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