100th Headlamp Alignment System

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We aim to please. Literally! Aiming to please our customers. It’s what Dajac does! In 2016, Dajac celebrated the shipment of it’s 100th headlamp alignment system (a.k.a aimer). The team celebrated with ice cream and cake. Not your typical cake, but a replica of Dajac’s Osrpey NXT aimer. Right down to the USB port.

Dajac has designed and built aimers since the original Osprey was launched in 2000, and has installations globally. Dajac aimers perform millions of aims annually. A best in class system, Dajac aimers have earned acclaim from customers throughout the world. Here’s a sample customer testimony: “We found Osprey (aimers) to be an excellent headlamp aiming solution. It is not only easy to use, but is also a very reliable solution at the perfect price.”

Dajac wants to be your trusted advisor and expert in headlamp alignment and inspection. We want our customers to focus on what they do best. To that end, Dajac is consistently working to provide the optimum user experience with our aiming systems, accessories and contract engineering services. Customer feedback is consistently documented and addressed. New or enhanced product features are often driven by our customer’s “like to haves”.

Celebrating a milestone!

Today’s headlight styles and configurations demand flexible, easy to use, yet highly accurate aiming systems. Dajac has adapted to the demand. Our newest system accurately inspects and aligns the modern, larger headlamps, and those with motion functionality. Dajac also supports an unlimited amount of external cameras, once again providing the flexibility to inspect secondary light sources such as DRL, turn, etc.

Not all aimers are the same. Headlamp performance is more critical than ever. The IIAHS has even conducted testing and published a headlight review. (IIHS article) Considering the costs and advancements of modern headlight technology, would you want to use an antiquated or inferior aiming system? At Dajac, we are continually evolving and innovating our headlamp alignment technology. We want to be your experts in headlamp alignment and let you focus on what you do best!

One thought on “100th Headlamp Alignment System

  1. Dear Dajac Team:

    Congratulations for this event. in MecatrioniX Automation we wish you can easily get the 1000th and many more from there.

    I know there will be a lot more success stories coming son and I hope to be also part of your success.

    We join you in the celebration but unfortunately you can not ship a piece of cake. So please spread hugs to everybody in the team from your friend in Mexico.

    Happy 100th celebration.

    Mecatronix Automation Team

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