IntelliAim v5.26 Released: Enhanced User Features and Functionality

Another IntelliAim advancement.

We are proud to announce the release of IntelliAim v5.26! This version introduces many new features and enhancements including improved image decorations, increased AOI functionality, improved gradient algorithm and a bottom up cutoff search feature.

Here is a detailed list of improvements.

  • Decorations that update live. The image canvas changes as parameters are adjusted, providing visual feedback of script property settings.
  • Increased functionality for cameras with area of interest (AOI) functionality.
  • Added support for a new high resolution camera.
  • Improved gradient search algorithm increases the accuracy of cutoff detection. This enhances FogAim, VO Aim, VO Plus™ Aim, Cutoff Linearity and Cutoff Sharpness.
  • New “Bottom Up” cutoff search feature for Fog, VO and VO Plus™ aims.

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