IntelliAim v5.24.1 Released: Major Feature and Usability Improvements



We are proud to announce the release of IntelliAim v5.24.1! This version introduces many new features and usability improvements, including local script symbols, auto-calibration of offsets and intensity, shorter maximum exposure time and several others.

Local Symbols

Symbol support allows the user to define keywords that represent data. Until now, all defined symbols in IntelliAim have been global, meaning that only one set of symbols could be created and they were shared between all scripts. Often, this is exactly what is needed, but there are occasions where defining script-specific, local, symbols is advantageous. Symbols can now be defined as global or local. Global symbols are accessible by all scripts and local symbols are accessible to only the script for which they are defined.

Auto-Calibrate Offsets



There are times when it may be desirable to have an aim/audit location read as (0,0), even if the actual aim/audit location is elsewhere. Previously, this would be configured by determining the aim of a master lamp and manually entering the offset into the User Offset properties. Now the process is fully automatic. Simply check the Calibrate checkbox under User Offset and run the script once. While running the script, IntelliAim un-checks the Calibrate checkbox and automatically populates the User Offset X and Y properties.

Auto-Calibrate Intensity



As delivered, the aimer will report report intensity as candela based on a default calibration. To make it possible for the reported value to exactly match the lamp being processed, the Intensity Calibration property can be adjusted. Previously, this required performing several audits and manually adjusting the calibration until the reported value matched the intensity of the photometer-measured master lamp. Now, it’s as simple as checking the Auto-Calibrate checkbox, entering the master lamp’s photometer-measured intensity in units of candela and running the script once. While running the script, IntelliAim un-checks the Auto-Calibrate checkbox, calculates the required calibration value and automatically populates the Calibration property.

Reduced Maximum Exposure

The default maximum exposure has been reduced significantly to prevent long delays that can occur when the auto-exposure process begins before the lamp is turned on. Where it used to take 6 seconds to recover from a maximum exposure situation, it now takes less than a second.

For the rare occasion when a larger maximum exposure is required, it can be changed from the Preferences dialog.

Additional Usability Improvements

  • It is now possible to scroll and view all properties without logging into IntelliAim.
  • The IO Mapping dialog no longer auto-selects all text when it opens.
  • The position of the script sash is now restored to it’s previous value when IntelliAim starts.
  • A new default perspective has been introduced that increases the height of the Script pane to allow seeing a larger portion of the script and properties. The old Classic perspective is still available for users that prefer it.
  • All new systems are being configured with a larger font size to improve readability from a distance.

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