Print and Debug with IntelliAim v5.21


Zebra printers: Great at printing labels, bad at printing zebras.

Introducing IntelliAim v5.21, the newest release from Dajac. New additions to this version are the ability to print to a Zebra printer, and a debug mode that lets a user set breakpoints and step through scripts. The new version also has increased symbol support.


The new version of IntelliAim includes functionality that allows printing to a Zebra printer. It is 100% symbol compatible, which means that if a user wants to print results from tasks, they can. If a user wants to use symbols to define a label style, they can do that too.



The Debug Play button is the play button with de bug on it. Get it??

IntelliAim users can now set breakpoints on tasks and run scripts in debug mode, allowing scripts to be “stepped through” and analyzed. Adding breakpoints is simple: just right-click on a task, and add a breakpoint. To enable debug mode, just play the script using the Debug Play button on the Debug toolbar.

Expanded Symbol Support

The following items now support symbols:

  • Assign Aimer I/O Dialog
  • Set Digital Out Script
  • Wait For Digital In Script
  • Camera

IntelliAim is more powerful than ever before, and we’re just getting started.

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