IntelliAim v5.20 Released

Another IntelliAim advancement.

Another IntelliAim advancement.

Dajac is pleased to announce the release of IntelliAim v5.20. This release includes the ability to define relative photo points and introduces a powerful new feature: Symbolic Substitution

Symbolic substitution can be used to simplify script creation in IntelliAim by allowing users to define symbols that represent data. When IntelliAim finds a symbol in a supported field, it replaces the symbol’s name with the symbol’s value. IntelliAim users can define their own symbols, or use any of the IntelliAim defined symbols. Symbols can even contain mathematical expressions.

If, for instance, the number 2.2853545 was used often in a script, a symbol could be defined representing the number, and then the symbol could be used to represent that number in any supported field. This has the added benefit that if the number needs to be changed everywhere in a script, it only needs to be changed once, in the symbol definition!

Additionally, when IntelliAim executes a script, each script task (aims, audits, photo points, etc.) defines symbols representing its results data. For example, all audit-based scripts have an aim-location-x and an aim-location-y result. These results become available to the user as symbols and can be used in any symbol-supported field in the remainder of the IntelliAim script to use as needed, such as to define offsets.

Symbols can also contain mathematical expressions. When used this way, IntelliAim replaces all symbols with their values and mathematically evaluate the remaining expression. An example of where this would be very useful is when the script contains an audit task and an aim task, and the aim task needs to be centered 1.515 degrees above the audit task’s aim result. The user could define the aim’s x-offset as the audit’s aim-location-x result + 1.515. Taking this a step further to remove the dependency on a hard-coded constant, a symbol could be defined for the value 1.515 and that symbol used in the mathematical expression.

Symbolic substitution is a very powerful concept that can that greatly enhances the capabilities of IntellAim. Please contact us if you’d like more information.

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